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Ever since 2012, Jo.Ha.Ku. has been providing children and their parents with a rich and diverse learning environment and enriched playgrounds. Our teaching methods help to launch children into the successful future their parents have always dreamed of. We encourage both staff and parents alike to grow, learn and create more with each day.


We believe that an effective education doesn’t just come from memorizing or exercising; actively participating in the learning process entails analyzing information, discussing, and collaborating to comprehend and retain it. All our courses are designed to encourage deep mental processing and children engage with the class material.

Our Services

Classes for Children

At our Centers


Our Jo.Ha.Ku. Centers designed to help kids improve focus, behaviour, social skills, anxiety, and academic performance. In our Centers we work on friendship, identifying and managing emotions, flexible thinking, and successful strategies for interacting. We teach children to 're-frame' their reactions and develop valuable tools to aid in developing lasting relationships.

Training of Specialists

for Sensory Integration & Childcare Centers


Caring for children is a rewarding and demanding profession. High-quality training is essential to protecting children's health and safety as well as promoting their growth and development.
We provide Child Care Training and Professional Development for Jo.Ha.Ku. Licensed and Registered Programs.

Consulting for Parents 

Online & Offline Mode


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Equipment Manufacturing
Eco Made in Ukraine


Jo.Ha.Ku® equipment is a series of sports equipment with a wide range of effects under registered trade mark. These are transformer blocks, balancing and coordination equipment, specially designed for the development of young children.
Jo.Ha.Ku® equipment is mainly made of wood and other natural materials, durable and reliable, which ensures high quality, environmental friendliness, safety and a longer service life.


All around the World


If you’re thinking about joining a franchise, then consider entering the childcare and child development industry in your country. Take in mind that Jo.Ha.Ku. franchises do more than babysit or care children while their parents are at work or busy. They also create learning and social opportunities to fast-track their development and expand their skills before entering grade school. If you want to join a franchise that helps both children and parents, then stick around.

Childcare Centers Methodological Support
For all types of Business


Our support is based on early childhood education as programs for young children based on an explicit curriculum delivered by qualified staff and designed to support children’s development and learning. Settings may include parent/child centres, childcare centres, nursery schools, preschools, or school-operated programs such as pre- or junior kindergarten, pre-primary, école maternelle, and kindergarten.

Outdoor programs for Children 

Our Program, Client's Location


We offer a wide range of outdoor programs for children. Our animators, hosts and crazy professors can come to your restaurant, cafe, school and even your country house to create a spectacular and unforgettable holiday for your family and friends. We offer a wide range of programs for different ages and different interests. A completely new Jo.Ha.Ku. format of the holiday - insanely fun, dynamic and unifying!

International Neuroscience Partnership

with the Dana Foundation (USA)


We provide information and educational materials directly from neuroscience experts to improve use and consideration of science by judges worldwide in managing cases involving scientific and technological evidence. We organise workshops to support a large-scale global effort that have helped judges understand scientific issues in dispute and discussions.

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