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Teacher with Pupils
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We are hiring in Ukraine

We are looking for Trainers for sensory integration and early physical development of children to lead the Jo.Ha.Ku® Program in our Centers in Vyshgorod, Chabany and Irpin

Whom are we looking for?

Our successful candidate knows and understands the peculiarities of the age-related physiology and psychology of children, knows how to supplement and expand his knowledge and skills, and has pedagogical and practical skills, corrections, rehabilitation, and sensory integration to conduct practical Jo.ha.Ku® classes in Vyshgorod, Chabany and Irpin in the adult format + a child aged 1 to 7 years, as well as sharing knowledge and skills with parents.



The candidate can have a higher or secondary professional education in any of the specialties: teacher, psychologist, educator, specialist in children's massage, physical therapist or children's doctor, yoga instructor, or sports coach. Knowledge of foreign languages is not necessary, but welcome.

Special Skills & Abilities

  • ability to easily enter into contact with children and adults, with polite and attractive communication;

  • competent communication in Ukrainian;

  • ability to speak publicly and explain even complex topics in simple words;

  • ability to learn, quick learning of new material, desire for new knowledge and skills;

  • the ability to learn independently and in a team;

  • ability to work in a team (coordinate their actions with each other and respect each other's interests and needs);

  • knowledge and practice of existing early physical development methods - an advantage.

Personal qualities

  • sincere interest in the topics of conscious parenthood;

  • tact and patience, the ability to express one's opinion without imposing it;

  • accuracy and punctuality;

  • responsibility;

  • practice and philosophy of a healthy, active lifestyle;

  • love for children

Seniority & Work experience

Important, but less important than seniority and parenting experience.
Age: the candidate must have professional maturity and be in excellent physical shape.

We offer

Newcomer support

We know how difficult it can be to be a beginning professional at the beginning of your career. Therefore, we give equal growth opportunities to specialists.

Flexible work schedule

You can choose a convenient working time in the range from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on weekdays and weekends

Stable profit

The income system of each employee is based not only on the number of hours worked but also on the strength of internal motivation and loyalty.

Training & Certification

We provide free trainer training and certification for the Jo.Ha.Ku® Program.

Come Work with Us

Send your resume via the Form

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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