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Six reasons to offer your child a balance bike

"As soon as your child learns to ride a balance bike, there will be no need to use additional "children's" wheels when transferring to the next adult bike...".

In my quest to find the perfect bike for my young son, I researched in detail why a balance bike is the best choice for little riders. You've probably seen or heard of bicycles without pedals. Among the parents, the most common forms of the name are: cycling, balance bike.

Interesting to know…

A young man on a balance bike from the Anton Burg & Sohn catalog of agricultural machinery, 1857.

It would seem that the balance bike is a newfangled concept, but in fact this wave has its roots in the 19th century. in the means of transportation called "Drezina", which came from the name of the German baron-inventor Karl Dreza. This early bike was designed to move people faster than pedestrians. This is one of the oldest designs that preceded modern bicycles. Dreza's invention quickly spread throughout Europe and the Atlantic. But the novelty did not catch on at that time, because the roads were too rough. Historian David Ehrligi wrote: "Dresin" riders confirmed that despite the quality of the roads, "every trip was worth a pair of boots."

Here are just a few reasons why balance bikes are a great way to teach your child to ride independently and enjoy riding their first vehicle.

Ease of use

In order to ride, for example, a tricycle, a child concentrates on two motor actions: balancing and pedaling. A balance bike simplifies the task for little riders: you only need to focus on balancing. This makes the learning process easier for children.

In particular, when driving a balance bike, the child's legs are not used for pedaling, but for stopping and turning, giving more control over movement and confidence in one's abilities.

Formation of clear coordination and strength of movements

Balancing is not the only useful skill that a child acquires on a balance bike. The design of such a bike encourages children to use their hands more skillfully in steering (due to raising their legs when moving forward). This not only helps children build up their strength, but also promotes the development of motor skills, coordination and dexterity.

The safest way to start cycling

The seat of a balance bike is much closer to the ground than a regular bicycle with extra wheels, which reduces the height of a possible fall. The simple design of the balance bike will not allow you to get seriously injured when hitting an obstacle. It also eliminates the possibility of clothes getting into the chain drive, compared to a regular bicycle.

Fun involvement in a healthy lifestyle

Riding a bike is not only great fun - it's a great way to get kids moving. Children at the age of two are very fond of bike rides in nature together with the whole family. The earlier you start encouraging your child to exercise, the more likely he will enjoy healthy active recreation throughout his life.

Convenient for parents

The compact design of balance bikes makes them easy to transport. They are small enough to fit in the back seat of the car and light enough to carry if the child is tired from driving.

Free transfer to an adult bike

A balance bike easily copes with the task of preparing a child to ride an adult bike. Rapid progress in learning to ride a balance bike will completely eliminate the need to use a bike with additional "kids" wheels.

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